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0140 Sash Fabrication Center

The Greller & Company Fabrication Center will process one, two, or four extrusions per cycle. The extrusions are manually loaded onto the Autoloader. The Autoloader accumulates up to eight full length extrusions. The Fabrication Center is equipped with up to four tooling pockets. The extrusions in P1 and P2 are moved in the X axis with servo positioned grippers. The extrusions in P3 and P4 are moved in the X axis with servo positioned grippers. After parts are fully processed and cutoff from the extrusion they are pushed clear of the Fabrication Center onto an accumulation table. The accumulation table will push the finished profiles forward with a pneumatic cylinder to be removed by the operator. Autoloader features full perimeter fencing, Vision System to confirm profiles and profile orientation are correct, and horizontal light curtain at load area to prevent Autoloader motion when loading. Pusher features include extrusion present sensing, leading edge verification in all pockets to confirm extrusion length, vertical light curtain which prevents/halts Pusher motion and full perimeter fencing with interlocked gate access. Machining Center includes TPM software to indicate total cycle count, cycles since last reset, and tool life management, label printer, optimization software, operator interface software including bar code scanning, network interface when compatible with customer network, and remote diagnosis capability. Features freestanding, full sheet metal enclosure with tempered glass windows and two hinged, inter-locked doors.