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  Greller & Company, Inc. was founded in 1996 by mechanical engineer Patrick Greller in Cleveland, OH. While starting out designing custom equipment for a variety of industries, his experience with window fabrication equipment led him to focus on designing Two Head Corner Cleaners. With the exclusive "no cutter stack" Sash Corner Cleaner, Greller & Company became known for quality machinery and innovative design.

After the closing of AFS, formerly known as Actual of America, in Philadelphia and A. Maschinenbau in Austria at the beginning of 2000, Greller & Company emerged as the new manufacturer of the 400 series Four Point and 312 Series Two Point Welders. The best welders in the industry have been made even better with an improved control system and easy to use software. The addition of these welders to the existing line of saws and corner cleaners allows Greller & Company to supply window manufacturers with a complete line of fabrication equipment.

Another Greller asset is Service Manager Gerry Rossi. His talents include the ability to build, rebuild and service both Greller and Actual fabrication equipment. Mr. Rossi has 15 years experience with Actual machinery and is able to provide the highest level of quality service available.

In addition to new machinery and service, Greller & Company stocks replacement parts for Actual fabrication equipment, including Ferrocontrol components, currently in use by hundreds of window manufacturers throughout the country.